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Sell your practice

The benefits

At Waldron, you’ll discover that things are different. We understand what transforms a good dental practice into an outstanding one, and we understand loyalty. Your existing patients are the bedrock of your practice, and retaining them while growing your practice is fundamental to our vision.

Grow your practice

One way in which we can begin to grow your practice as soon as you join us, is in driving down your costs. Our clinical board agrees with you the core materials needed – a list that constantly evolves due to the latest developments and innovation. We are able to use our superior buying power to purchase these materials at reduced cost. More efficient use of funds means you are able to dedicate more time to your patients.

Clinical freedom

Alongside those core materials are the specialist tools you choose to use, that set you apart and enable you to perform to the best of your abilities. At Waldron, we know that enabling you to choose your preferred specialist materials makes all the difference. After all, what works well in one person’s hands doesn’t work as well in another’s. Unlike other groups, we value your clinical freedom. We believe that as a highly qualified medical professional, you should have the choice to use whatever technique, material or procedure that you believe will create the optimum outcome. At Waldron, we guarantee your clinical freedom, which is just as it should be.

Due diligence

We want Waldron to be a beacon of quality for both dentists and patients. High quality dentists will be drawn to the Waldron environment of quality practices performing high quality, ethical dentistry with clinical freedom. We carry out a detailed ‘due diligence’ assessment of each of our practices, and we encourage you to do the same on us. We are committed to building a brand that dentists can believe in. We want you to fully understand our vision and our values, trust they are compatible with yours, and be happy you are making the right decision before you come aboard. Other acquirers promise the earth, yet as your partnership begins, these vows quickly fall away to a different reality. At Waldron, we promise referencability – what we say is what we do. You should be able to reference everything we say, and to that end, we invite you to speak to anyone within the Waldron group to qualify our philosophy. Speak to us to find out more about what it means to join Waldron, and discover our vision for the company and your practice.

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